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When the cells become sluggish either from age or disease, the electrical and chemical receptors do not function properly, and our natural healing system is compromised. Without good cellular oxygenation, the red blood cells begin to clump together and that decreases circulation and energy. When the pulsating field of PEMF therapy reaches the cells, they expand, facilitating the inflow of fresh nutrients and oxygen. The toxins are pushed out, resulting in cells that are cleansed, refreshed and able to work more efficiently. This restores balanced health and well-being. This response affects all types of cells: blood, brain, nerve and bone. Healthy cells lead to a healthy body and a happy individual!


People who are:  Experiencing painful conditions, desiring improvement and maintenance of overall health or if you are recovering from an injury.  


The use of a PEMF product is contraindicated in people with pacemakers or other electronic implants, cochlear implants or mechanical heart valves. PEMF products are also contraindicated during pregnancy, and in people with epilepsy or bleeding.  PEMF therapy is also contraindicated for:  organ transplant recipients or those on immunosuppressive therapy, those with non-MRI safe IUD’s.


PEMF therapy side-effects are usually either non-existent, or very minor and temporary. Minor reactions to low intensity PEMF may occur in some individuals at the beginning and it is part of the detoxification and healing process. A very small percentage of the population are  hypersensitive to electromagnetic fields, but they will usually find these lower intensity frequencies very soothing. Most of the time, changing the frequencies used on the PEMF device will help to resolve any issues.  And it is very important to drink at least 8-10 ounces of pure water before and after a PEMF session to support detoxification. 

Minor reactions to low intensity PEMF therapy may occur in some individuals and is part of the detoxification and healing process. Because PEMF therapy results in many activities within the body, some people may experience some slight discomfort, especially when using it for the first time.  Lower frequencies from 1-30 Hz are least likely to cause a negative reaction and are optimal for general wellness. 

Proper nutritional support and supplements are also helpful in conjunction with PEMF Therapy. Few side effects have emerged after PEMF therapy has been used over a period of time, how much time will vary for each individual.  

PEMF is ideal for people who may be experiencing pain or inflammation, who want more energy and vital life force. For people who want the best product for their busy lifestyle and optimal health. For people who want overall wellbeing, longevity, protection against athletic injuries, improved athletic performance and recovery.  And for people who want to dramatically improve their ENERGY level. PEMF is ideal for the busy high-powered individual, elite or professional athlete or clinician.

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