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Chelated silver is silver ions in a liquid solution. This is vastly different from the more popular form of silver-based dietary supplement products known as colloidal silver, which is composed of silver particles in suspension. In colloidal silver, finely divided particles of silver are suspended (floating) in liquids – and are not evenly dispersed.

In contrast,  chelated silver holds silver ions that are chemically bonded to nonmetallic ions, and are therefore evenly dispersed throughout the solution. This bonding in solution considerably enhances chelated silver’s antimicrobial action and persistence, giving it killing power over time.


Silver is amazingly beneficial in many ways. In fact, many of the medical uses of silver have been studied by the Silver Institute in Washington, D.C., which has published information about the use of silver in purifying water, promoting skin growth, treating wounds of severely burned patients, protecting eyes, helping people with allergies, eliminating harmful bacteria, and even anticancer activity.

At Cottage Farm Therapy Solutions, we use Equi-Silver (SilvaPlex) that is manufactured and bottled in a FDA approved facility.

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