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A nebulizer is a machine that turns liquid medication into a gas or mist. Nebulizers deliver a specific dose of medication directly into the airways for rapid uptake and effect.  In horses, nebulizers may be used to deliver bronchodilators, anti-inflammatories, and antimicrobials to the airways. Although there are advantages to this type of therapy, the particle size and drug solubility of the medicine, any tendency toward coughing, airway secretions, and other factors can affect how effective the medication is and show better results. 

The nebulizer mask is attached to the horse’s halter. Some models are cordless and battery operated so the horse can move around with it. Inhalation therapy is the preferred method to manage equine asthma and may also be used as adjunctive therapies to treat pneumonia and recurrent airway obstruction (heaves.)


A nebulizer is very useful in today's world where many horses are subjected to many hours in a dusty stall and/or being ridden in arenas where dust particles are kicked up.

I often use the nebulizer along with PEMF to manage heaves. I use the Equi-Resp system to give chelated silver solution, which is highly effective in blocking the respiration of microorganisms, killing them in the process.



Sessions last around 20 minutes and are more effective if several sessions are done within a few days of each other.

For general  airway health, the sessions may also be added to any therapy session for an additional fee.

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