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Activo-Med Products 

​First of all, congratulations on your purchase of the fantastic Activo-Med Combi Pro or Contender blanket and accessories!

Although we always include instructions with your purchase sometimes there are sometimes  questions that pop up .

When starting the blanket I don't see or hear anything happening?

  • The PEMF is the first program in a sequence . To check the rug use the magnet provided and hold over one of the coils. Alternatively, wait a few minutes and the horse will usually let you know by his/her actions that the pemf is running. The massage part of the sequence will usually start about 15 minutes into the session depending on the sequence.


 I charged my battery but the control box is not coming on?

  • The battery contains a fuse which is located on the top . Unscrew the cap and check the fuse. There are spare fuses in your control box wallet. If after changing the fuse the control box still doesn't turn on check the end of the battery cable , you should see 2 pins. If it seems one or both are pushed in please contact us for instructions on repairing or returning/replacing through the office at (352) 895-8525. 

I can't get my battery/attachments plugged into the control box?

  • Look for the arrows on the silver end of the battery/attachment  lead and make
    sure they are lined up with the arrow or mark on the top of the control box.

  • Make sure not to twist as you push the silver  into the socket when attaching/detaching .
    This may result in the pins inside the silver end being damaged.

The massage seems to turn on straight away?

  • The battery is plugged into the wrong socket. Check the top of the control box for the correct placement. As you look at the front of the control box, the battery lead should be in the far left socket.

The massage does not run all at the same time?

  • The massage is made in a sequence that is made to push the blood towards the heart. It will start at the hind quarters , loins, mid back, to the poll and then back to the shoulder area. 

Activo med cord set up.jpeg


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