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The Infrapower Poll Cap is one of our favorite products from this range. It is a particularly valuable aid in the treatment of tension in the head, jaw and neck area with the placement of red and infrared lights over acupuncture points, trigger points and common areas of tension. 


Our Poll Cap is larger and also covers the important first part of the neck. It runs on a rechargeable battery and is a hands-free tool, meaning you can do other things while the horse is being treated. 


Infrared therapy is a new and innovative light-based method for treating pain and inflammation in different parts of the body (preventive or acute). It is a method to treat acute or chronic pain simply and painlessly. Infrared light enhances cell regeneration and repair, thus helping the body to heal itself.  


Use the Infrapower Poll Cap for: 


• Stiffness 

• Problems in the neck area 

• If the horse is heavier on one rein than the other 

• Resists bending in one direction 

• Stops while jumping 

• Headache 

• Stress 

• Grinding teeth 

• Behavioral problems 

• Head tension and head tilt 

• Frontal sinuses 

Infrapower Poll Cap

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