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The same fabulous new design as the Combi II, the Solo is a PEMF ONLY blanket.


For improved suppleness, muscle tone and overall condition. Use each day to help support performance or rehabilitation. Let your horse benefit from advanced physiotherapy technology.


Riders, owners and trainers looking to provide their horses with the best therapy support available choose the Activo-Med Combi Pro. Not only does the blanket cover the entire body and support performance and recovery before and after exercise, it is battery operated, and operates the Activo-Med leg wraps and pads and can be integrated into any training schedule. In fact, many customers comment that they wonder how they lived without it.


The 4 important factors for successful therapy sessions are:


  • Intensity (Tesla)
  • Frequency (Hertz)
  • Time/duration (minutes)
  • Combination of treatments.


The Combi+System enables these 4 factors to be regulated and com


Please contact us before purchase to ensure we send the correct size for your horse.


We usually have Large available in Stock which fits an average size horse of 15.2 -16.2

Activo-Med Solo Professional Blanket (PEMF Only)

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