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This used Contender has been checked over cleaned, & sanitized.

It has been used by one of my ambassadors and has well taken care of over the last couple of years.


1 Year Warranty included


The Contender applies pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy from neck to top of tail. The blanket contains 8 strategically placed PEMF spools over the main muscle groups. It is a great starter blanket, or a second blanket for those customers that love the benefits of the PEMF that the Combi Pro II offers.


This particular blanket has a micro control box offering 3 times of 10,20,30 minutes and 3 intensity settings of 8hz, 12hz, 15hz



Important factors for successful therapy sessions are:

  • Intensity (Tesla)
  • Frequency (Hertz)
  • Time/duration (minutes)


The Contender enables these factors to be regulated and combined with each other.


When not to use PEMF:


  • During pregnancy
  • Severe fungal diseases
  • Epilepsy
  • Fever and tumour developments.



Stables and horses are not terribly clean. Don’t worry! The blanket and boots are washable at 30 degrees C. The components are self-contained and are easily removed for washing.


The equipment should be stored and operated in a dry place.

Activo-Med Pre-Owned Contender PEMF Blanket

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