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This is a wonderful, easy to use therapy that reduces pain, inflammation, set at approximately the same level of the normal electrical exchanges which take place in the body’s cellular system (49µA microamps).


The Microlief™ currents penetrate the injured, inflamed cells and re-establish normal cell activity and metabolism. Circulation is restored to the injured area, inflammation is reduced and collagen producing cells are increased. Microlief™ restores homeostasis to the cellular system. Healthy cell metabolism creates a healthy, pain free internal environment.


The Microlief™ unit consists of one Micro-current Power Supply snapped on to one pair of Micro-current Electrode Patches. The Electrodes are specifically designed to transmit the mild electrical current generated by the Micro-current Power Supply.

Electrical conductivity gel is applied to the back of the Electrodes and the Electrodes are placed on either side of the target/painful area.


A blinking red light (LED) on the Micro-current Power Supply indicates that the micro-current is flowing through the body area between the Electrodes.

Microlief (Human Kit)

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